March 29, 2017 @ 6:00 pm
Arnow Campus Center, 2nd Floor
131 Woodland Rd
Auburndale, MA 02466
Megan Horvitz

Join Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Entrepreneur Agrarian Fund, Writer, Food System Advocate, and 2015 Eisenhower Fellow Aaron Niederhelman as he explores how investments in Onehealth afford new opportunities for the future of shared well being, economic stability and national security.
Aaron Niederhelman speaks and writes of the unique opportunity for the population densities of the Northeast U.S. to establish a new benchmark for domestic food systems through promoting environmental and human health as the underpinning to rectify an addiction to cheap food. From a young age, he has held a deep appreciation for clean, fresh and healthy food. His passion to reform a broken food system led him to work to remediate the modern plagues caused from chronic illness and obesity directly associated with the deteriorating value of the Western diet.

Focusing efforts to address intensifying issues associated with food, water and climate, as co-founder and managing director of the Entrepreneur Agrarian Fund (EAF), Niederhelman works with skilled holistic farmers and global thought leaders to promote regenerative agriculture to a broader audience. Honored as a 2015 Eisenhower Fellow focused on nutrient security, food-system reform and water access, he traveled to Europe and the Middle East to gain insight from the front-lines of an ever-shrinking world that has long since been forced to contend with natural resource and water management. His recent efforts have focused on bolstering innovation economies in local fisheries and better promotion of the differentiated values of North Atlantic sea proteins. Niederhelman participates on numerous nonprofit board ranging from food security to climate change to social responsibility.

*Food and drinks will be served